Is your vehicle sluggish? do you struggle to get up to speed when loaded up or is over-taking vehicles a risk?

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes then ask us about van remapping.

We can carry out remapping on the majority of vans and other commercial vehicles. The engines in these vehicles tend to be very restricted and respond very well to tuning. With better acceleration you will be able to overtake more safely and keep up with traffic more easily. And, perhaps best of all, remapping will make your van more enjoyable to drive.

We also provide a service to remove the stock speed limiters some of these vehicles are fitted with.

Performance Tuning – Vans are fitted with some of the most down-tuned engines in the market in order to meet certain regulations and fit into various insurance bands. A particular example is the Ford Transit 2.2 TDI, these can be performance tuned to 180bhp regardless of which variant you own (100/125/155).

Economy Tuning – Commercial vehicle drivers are often not aware that professional tuning can make a huge difference to their daily costs.

One of the main benefits of having your van remapped is that it will make your fuel go further. Much further. We can boost your vehicle’s miles-per-gallon by up to TWENTY PER CENT with an economy tune.